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F1 or f noun (Fs, F's or f's) 1 the sixth letter of the English alphabet. 2 (F) music a the fourth note in the scale of C major; b the musical key which has this note as its base.

F2 abbreviation 1 Fahrenheit. 2 farad. 3 Fellow (of a society, etc). 4 said of pencil leads: fine. 5 physics force. 6 franc. 7 IVR France.

F3 symbol 1 chem fluorine. 2 genetics filial generation, where F1 is the first filial generation, etc.

F abbreviation faraday.

f abbreviation 1 fathom. 2 female. 3 feminine. 4 focal length. 5 (plural ff.) folio. 6 (plural ff.) following (page). 7 music forte. 8 frequency.

forte2 (abbreviation f) music, adverb in a loud manner. adj loud. See also fortissimo.
ETYMOLOGY: 18c: Italian.