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N1 or n noun (Ns, N's or n's) 1 the fourteenth letter of the English alphabet. 2 the nasal consonant sound represented by this letter. See also en.

N2 abbreviation 1 National. 2 Nationalist. 3 New. 4 physics newton. 5 chem nitrogen. 6 North. 7 Northern. 8 IVR Norway.

N3 symbol, chess knight.

N- combining form, denoting nuclear.

n1 noun 1 math an indefinite number. 2 colloq a large number. adj of an indefinite or large number.

n2 abbreviation 1 nano-. 2 neuter. 3 neutron. 4 new. 5 grammar nominative. 6 noon. 7 note. 8 grammar noun.

'n' or 'n' abbreviation, colloq, in compounds and • chicken 'n' chips.

refractive index noun, physics (symbol n) the ratio of the speed of electromagnetic radiation, especially light, in air or a vacuum to its speed in another medium.