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OR abbreviation 1 operational research; operations research. 2 US state Oregon. Also written Ore. or Oreg. 3 military other ranks.

or1 conj used to introduce: 1 alternatives • red or pink or blue. 2 a synonym or explanation • a puppy or young dog. 3 an afterthought • She's laughing - or is she crying? 4 the second part of an indirect question • Ask her whether she thinks he'll come or not. 5 because if not; or else • Run or you'll be late. 6 and not • never joins in or helps. or else 1 otherwise. 2 colloq expressing a threat or warning • Give it to me or else! or rather or to be more accurate • He went too, or rather I heard he did. or so about; roughly • been there two hours or so.
ETYMOLOGY: 13c: a contraction of other.

or2 noun, heraldry a gold colour.
ETYMOLOGY: 16c: French, from Latin aurum gold.

-or suffix, forming nouns, denoting a person or thing that performs an action or function • actorelevator.