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about prep 1 concerning or relating to someone or something; on the subject of them or it. 2 near to something. 3 around or centring on something. 4 here and there in or at points throughout something. 5 all around or surrounding someone or something. 6 occupied or busy with something • What are you about? 7 on the person of someone • don't have the letter about me. adverb 1 nearly or just over; approximately. 2 nearby; close • Is there anyone about? 3 scattered here and there. 4 all around; in all directions. 5 in or to the opposite direction • turn about. 6 on the move; in action • be up and about again after an illness. about to do something on the point of doing it. it's about time someone did something they ought to have done it already. not about to do something determined not to do it. that's about it or about all colloq almost everything that needs to be said or done has been.
ETYMOLOGY: Anglo-Saxon onbutan.