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after prep 1 coming later in time than something. 2 following someone or something in position; behind. 3 next to and following something in importance, order, arrangement, etc. 4 because of something; considering • You can't expect to be promoted after that mistake. 5 in spite of something • He's still no better after all that medicine. 6 about someone or something • ask after her. 7 in pursuit of someone or something • run after him. 8 said of a painting or other work of art: in the style or manner of (someone else). 9 by or with the same name as someone or something; with a name derived from that of (someone else) • called her Mary after her aunt. 10 N Amer, especially US past (an hour) • It's twenty after six. adverb 1 later in time. 2 behind in place. conj after the time when. adj 1 later; following • in after years. 2 naut further towards the stern of a ship • the after deck. See also aft. after all 1 in spite of all that has happened or has been said or done. 2 contrary to what is or was expected • The shop was closed after all. after one's own heart of exactly the kind one likes. after you please go before me.
ETYMOLOGY: Anglo-Saxon æfter.

be after someone or something to be pursuing or chasing (a person or animal).