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along adverb 1 in some direction • Her old banger just chugs along. 2 a in accompaniment • could sing along to any Nirvana track; b in the company of someone else or with others • went along with Kurt to the gig. 3 into a more advanced state • coming along nicely. prep 1 by the side of something or near something. 2 down the length of or down part of the length of something • The shops are just along that street. all along see under all. along with something or someone 1 in addition to it or them • Along with the CD, you get a free poster. 2 in conjunction with it or them. be along colloq to arrive, call, visit, etc • said he'd be along about six. go along with someone or something and go along for the ride see under go1.
ETYMOLOGY: Anglo-Saxon andlang.