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brand noun 1 a distinctive maker's name or trademark, symbol or design, etc used to identify a product or group of products. 2 a variety or type • a special brand of humour. 3 an identifying mark on cattle, etc, usually burned on with a hot iron. 4 (also branding-iron) a metal instrument with a long handle and shaped end which can be heated and then used to burn identifying marks on cattle, etc. 5 a sign or mark of disgrace or shame. 6 a piece of burning or smouldering wood. 7 any of various fungoid diseases or blights affecting grain crops, eg mildew, rust and smut. 8 literary a torch. 9 literary a sword. verb (branded, branding) 1 to mark (cattle, etc) with a hot iron. 2 to give someone a bad name or reputation. 3 (especially brand something upon someone's memory) to impress (an incident or fact, etc) permanently on to their memory. 4 to give a brand (sense 1) to, or fix a brand or trademark, etc upon (a product or group of products).
ETYMOLOGY: Anglo-Saxon as noun 6.