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con1 colloq noun a confidence trick. verb (conned, conning) to swindle or trick someone, especially after winning their trust.

con2 verb (conned, conning) old use to read over and learn by heart.
ETYMOLOGY: 15c: from can1 2.

con3 or (especially US) conn verb (conned, conning) naut to direct the steering of (a ship).
ETYMOLOGY: 17c: from earlier cond, from French conduire, from Latin conducere to conduct.

con4 noun an argument against something. See also pros and cons.
ETYMOLOGY: 16c: shortened from Latin contra against.

con5 noun, prison slang a prisoner or inmate.
ETYMOLOGY: 19c: shortened from convict.

con-, col-, com- or cor- prefix found usually in words derived from Latin: with or together, sometimes used with emphatic or intensifying effect.
ETYMOLOGY: From Latin com-, form of cum together with.