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date1 noun 1 the day of the month and/or the year, recorded by a number or series of numbers. 2 a statement on a letter, document, etc giving usually the day, the month and the year when it was written, sent, etc. 3 a particular period of time in history • costumes of an earlier date. 4 colloq a planned meeting or social outing, usually with a person one is attached to. 5 especially N Amer, colloq a person whom one is meeting or going out with and who one usually finds attractive. 6 colloq an agreed time and place of performance. verb (dated, dating) 1 to put a date on something. 2 to find, decide on or guess the date of something. 3 to show the age of someone or something; to make (especially a person) seem old. 4 intrans to become old-fashioned. 5 tr & intr, colloq to go out with someone, especially to do so regularly. datable or dateable adj. dated adj old-fashioned. out of date see under out. to date up to the present time. up to date see under up.
ETYMOLOGY: 15c: French, from Latin datum given.

date back to or from (a specified time) to have begun or originated then.

date2 noun the fruit of the date palm, brown, sticky and sweet-tasting when dried.
ETYMOLOGY: 13c: from French datte, from Greek daktylos finger or date.