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diet1 noun 1 the food and drink habitually consumed by a person or animal. 2 a planned or prescribed selection of food and drink, especially one designed for weight loss, maintenance of good health or the control of a medical disorder. 3 as adj denoting a food or drink, often with a brand name, that contains less sugar than the standard version • diet lemonade. Compare low-cal. verb (dieted, dieting) intrans to restrict the quantity or type of food that one eats, especially in order to lose weight. dieter noun.
ETYMOLOGY: 13c: from French diete, from Greek diaita way of life.

diet2 noun 1 the legislative assembly of certain countries, eg Japan. 2 historical a conference held to discuss political or church affairs.
ETYMOLOGY: 14c, originally meaning 'a day's journey': from Latin dieta public assembly, from Greek diaita way of life.