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dish noun (dishes) 1 a shallow container in which food is served or cooked. 2 its contents, or the amount it can hold. 3 anything shaped like this. 4 a particular kind of food, especially food prepared for eating. 5 (dishes) the used plates and other utensils after the end of a meal • do the dishes. 6 a dish aerial. 7 colloq a physically attractive person. verb (dishes, dished, dishing) 1 to put (food) into a dish for serving at table. 2 colloq to ruin (especially chances or hopes).
ETYMOLOGY: Anglo-Saxon disc plate, bowl, table.

dish something out colloq 1 to distribute it. 2 to give it out. 3 (especially dish it out) to give out punishment.

dish something up colloq 1 to serve (food). 2 to offer or present (eg information), especially if not for the first time.