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feel verb (felt, feeling) 1 to become aware of something through the sense of touch. 2 tr & intr to have a physical or emotional sensation of something; to sense. 3 tr & intr to find out or investigate with the hands, etc. 4 tr & intr to have (an emotion). 5 tr & intr to react emotionally to something or be emotionally affected by something • feels the loss very deeply. 6 intrans to give the impression of being (soft, hard, rough, etc) when touched. 7 intrans to be or seem (well, ill, happy, etc). 8 to instinctively believe in something • She feels that this is a good idea. 9 to seem to oneself to be • feel a fool. noun 1 a sensation or impression produced by touching. 2 an impression or atmosphere created by something. 3 an act of feeling with the fingers, etc. 4 an instinct, touch or knack. feel oneself to feel as well as normal • felt herself again after a good sleep. feel one's feet to get used to a new situation, job etc. feel one's way to make one's way cautiously. get the feel of something to become familiar with it or used to it. have a feel for something have a natural ability for or understanding of (an activity, etc).
ETYMOLOGY: Anglo-Saxon felan.

feel around for something to search for it with the fingers, etc.

feel for someone to have sympathy or compassion for them.

feel for something to try to find it by feeling.

feel like something 1 to seem to oneself to be like something, to perceive oneself as something • feel like an idiotfeel like a fool. 2 to have an inclination or desire for it • feel like a walkI feel like going to the cinema tonight.

feel someone up slang to move one's hands over their sexual organs.

feel up to something usually with negatives or in questions to feel fit enough for it • I don't feel up to a late night out.