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friendly adj (friendlier, friendliest) 1 kind; behaving as a friend. 2 (friendly with someone) on close or affectionate terms with them. 3 relating to, or typical of, a friend. 4 being a colleague, helper, partner, etc rather than an enemy • friendly nations. 5 sport said of a match, etc: played for enjoyment or practice and not as part of a formal competition. 6 in compounds, forming adjectives a denoting things that are made easy or convenient for those for whom they are intended • user-friendlyreader-friendly; b indicating that something causes little harm to something, particularly something related to the environment • eco-friendlyplanet-friendly
ETYMOLOGY: 1970s: originating from the term user-friendly which initially referred only to computer systems, but the metaphor was extended in the 1980s to other themes, particularly the environmental one. noun (friendlies) sport a friendly match. friendlily adverb. friendliness noun.