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H1 noun (Hs, H's or h's) 1 the eighth letter of the English alphabet. 2 the speech sound represented by this letter, an aspirate. 3 something shaped like an H. Also in compoundsH-beam.

H2 abbreviation 1 on pencils: hard. 2 height. 3 slang heroin. 4 hospital. 5 IVR Hungary. 6 hydrant.

H3 symbol 1 chem hydrogen. 2 physics magnetic field strength. 3 electronics henry.

h1 abbreviation 1 harbour. 2 hecto-. 3 height. 4 high. 5 hour. 6 hundred. 7 husband.

h2 symbol, physics Planck's constant.

Planck's constant noun, physics (symbol h) a fundamental constant, equal to 6.626 x 10-34 joule seconds, that relates the energy E of a quantum of light to its frequency v by the equation E = hv.
ETYMOLOGY: Early 20c: named after Max Planck (1858-1957), German physicist.