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how adverb 1 in what way; by what means • How did it happen? 2 to what extent • How old is he?How far is it? 3 in what condition, especially of health • How is she feeling now? 4 to what extent or degree is something good, successful, etc • How was your holiday? 5 for what cause or reason; why • How can you behave like that? 6 using whatever means are necessary • Do it how best you can. conj 1 colloq that • He told me how he'd done it on his own. 2 in which manner or condition • I don't care how you get there. noun a manner or means of doing something • The hows and whys of it. and how! originally N Amer colloq very much indeed; definitely. how about ... would you like ... what do you think of ... • How about another piece of cake?How about going to see a film? how are you? a conventional greeting to someone, sometimes referring specifically to their state of health. how come? colloq for what reason? how does that come about? • How come you're not going tomorrow? how do you do? a formal greeting to a person one is meeting for the first time. how now or how so? what is this? how is this so? how's that? 1 what is your opinion of that? 2 cricket an appeal to the umpire to give the batsman out. Also written howzat. how's your father facetious 1 amorous play; sexual intercourse. 2 ridiculous or foolish activity; nonsense. the how and why the method, or manner, and the cause.
ETYMOLOGY: Anglo-Saxon hu, probably an adverbial form of hwa who.