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if conj 1 in the event that; on condition that; supposing that • I'll go if he asks me to. 2 although; even though • It was very enjoyable, if overpriced. 3 whenever • She jumps if the phone rings. 4 whether • I wonder if he knows. 5 (usually if only) used to express a wish • If only it would stop raining! 6 used to make a polite request or suggestion • if you wouldn't mind stopping just a minute. 7 used in exclamations, to express surprise or annoyance • Well, if it isn't that book I'd thought I'd lost! noun 1 a condition or supposition • too many ifs and buts. 2 an uncertainty. if anything perhaps; on the contrary. if only see sense 5 above. if only to do something if for no other reason than to do it • I'll be there, if only to give her moral support. if you like 1 to say it another way. 2 if you want or approve.
ETYMOLOGY: Anglo-Saxon gif.