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interest noun 1 the desire to learn or know about someone or something; curiosity. 2 the power to attract attention and curiosity. 3 something which arouses attention and curiosity; a hobby or pastime. 4 money paid as a charge for borrowing money or using credit, usually in the form of a percentage of what is borrowed or owed. 5 (often interests) advantage, benefit or profit, especially financial • It is in your own interests to be truthful. 6 a share or claim in a business and its profits, or a legal right to property. 7 (also interest group) a group of people or organizations with common, especially financial, aims and concerns • the banking interest. verb (interested, interesting) 1 to attract the attention and curiosity of someone. 2 (often interest someone in something) to cause them to take a part in or be concerned about some activity. in the interest or interests of something in order to achieve or contribute to an objective • in the interests of good industrial relations.
ETYMOLOGY: 15c: from Latin interest it concerns.

interesting adj attracting interest; holding the attention. interestingly adverb.