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late adj (later, latest) 1 coming, arriving, etc after the expected or usual time. 2 a far on in the day or night • late afternoon; b well into the evening or night; c in compounds occurring towards the end of a specified historical period, etc • late-Georgian architecture; d written, painted, etc towards the end of someone's life or towards the end of their active career • a late Picasso. 3 happening, growing, etc at a relatively advanced time • Let's go to the late showing. 4 dead • his late father. 5 former • the late prime minister. 6 recent • quite a late model of car. adverb 1 after the expected or usual time • He arrived late for the meeting. 2 far on in the day or night • He arrived late on Thursday. 3 at an advanced time • flower late in the season. 4 recently • The letter was sent as late as this morning. 5 formerly, but no longer • late of Glasgow. lateness noun. better late than never said of an event, arrival, occurrence, etc: preferable that it should happen at some late point in time than not at all. late in the day at a late stage, especially when it is too late to be of any use. late in life happening later in someone's life than is usual or expected • married late in life. of late lately; recently • There has been some unpleasantness of late, but it has now been resolved.
ETYMOLOGY: Anglo-Saxon læt.