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love verb (loved, loving) 1 a to feel great affection for (especially a close relative, friend, etc); b to feel great affection and sexual attraction for (especially a sexual partner, a person one is romantically involved with, etc). 2 a to enjoy very much • I love to boogie; b to like very much • I love chocolate biscuits. noun 1 a feeling of great affection • brotherly love. 2 a strong liking • a love of the outdoors. 3 sexual attraction. 4 as adj relating or referring to love, romance, sexual relations, etc • love letters. 5 often used as a term of address: a to a person one loves • my love; b Brit colloq to anyone regardless of affection. 5 tennis, squash, whist, etc no score. fall in love with someone to develop feelings of love and sexual attraction for them. in love or in love with someone having strong feelings of affection and sexual attraction (for them). love at first sight instant sexual attraction. make love to or with someone 1 to be sexually intimate with them, especially when this culminates in sexual intercourse. 2 old use to woo. not for love or money under no circumstances. no love lost between (two or more people) mutual dislike • Since the divorce, there's no love lost between them.
ETYMOLOGY: Anglo-Saxon lufu.