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M1 or m noun (Ms, M's or m's) 1 the thirteenth letter of the English alphabet. 2 something shaped like the letter M. See also em.

M2 abbreviation 1 IVR Malta. 2 mark or marks, the German currency unit. See also DM. 3 Master. 4 as a clothes size, etc: medium. 5 mega-. 6 million. 7 Monday (also Mon.). 8 econ money supply (used in the UK to designate its seven categories: M0, M1, M2, M3, M3c, M4 and M5; M0 being the most liquid or readily-available category). 9 Monsieur. 10 Brit Motorway, followed by a number, as in M1. See also M-way.

M3 symbol as a Roman numeral: 1000.
ETYMOLOGY: From Latin mille 1000.

m or m. abbreviation 1 male. 2 married. 3 masculine. 4 metre or metres. 5 mile or miles. 6 million or millions. 7 minute or minutes. 8 month.

m' contraction, formal or old use my • m'lord.

'm contraction 1 am • I'm going. 2 dated (used deferentially in speech) madam • Yes'm, certainly'm.