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murder noun 1 the act of unlawfully and intentionally killing a person. 2 law a in England and Wales: the killing of a person where there has been malice aforethought; b in Scotland and many US states: homicide committed purposefully and knowingly. Compare homicide, manslaughter. 3 colloq slaughter or death that is felt to be needless, brutal or blameworthy, as a result of recklessness, excessive or foolish behaviour, etc. 4 colloq something, or a situation, which causes hardship or difficulty • The traffic in town was murder today. verb (murdered, murdering) 1 tr & intr to kill someone unlawfully and intentionally. 2 colloq to punish someone severely or cruelly; to be furious with them • I'll murder him when he gets home. 3 colloq to spoil or ruin something (eg a piece of music), by performing it very badly. 4 colloq to defeat someone easily and by a huge margin • Aberdeen murdered Rangers six nil. murderer noun. murderess noun. get away with murder colloq to behave very badly or dishonestly and not be caught or punished. murder will out 1 murder cannot remain hidden. 2 (also truth will out) the truth will always come to light. scream, shout or cry blue murder colloq to protest loudly or angrily.
ETYMOLOGY: Anglo-Saxon morthor, from morth death.