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OF abbreviation Old French.

of prep 1 used to show origin, cause or authorship • people of Glasgowdie of hungerpoems of Keats. 2 belonging to or connected with something or someone. 3 used to specify a component, ingredient or characteristic, etc • built of bricksan area of marsha heart of gold. 4 at a given distance or amount of time from something • within a minute of arriving. 5 about; concerning • tales of Romethink of the children. 6 belonging to or forming a part of something • most of the story. 7 existing or happening, etc, at, on, in or during something • battle of HastingsHe works of a night. 8 used with words denoting loss, removal or separation, etc • cheated of the moneycured of cancer. 9 used to show the connection between a verbal noun and the person or thing that is performing, or that is the object of, the action stated • the eating of healthy food. 10 N Amer, especially US in giving the time: to; before a stated hour • a quarter of one. 11 aged • a boy of twelve.
ETYMOLOGY: Anglo-Saxon.