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pot1 noun 1 any of various domestic containers, usually deep round ones, used as cooking or serving utensils, or for storage. 2 a potfula pot of tea. 3 pottery any handmade container. 4 the pool of accumulated bets in any gambling game. 5 in snooker, billiards, pool, etc: a shot that pockets a ball. 6 a casual shot • take a pot at something. 7 a chamberpot. 8 a flowerpot or plant pot. 9 (pots) colloq a great deal, especially of money. 10 colloq a trophy, especially a cup. 11 a potbelly. verb (potted, potting) 1 to plant something in a plant pot. 2 to preserve (a type of food) in a pot. 3 in snooker, billiards, pool, etc: to shoot (a ball) into a pocket • couldn't pot the black. 4 a colloq to shoot at (an animal, bird, etc), especially indiscriminately or wildly; b to win or secure, especially by shooting • potted six grouse today. go to pot colloq to degenerate badly. keep the pot boiling colloq to sustain public interest in something.
ETYMOLOGY: Anglo-Saxon pott.

pot2 noun, colloq cannabis.
ETYMOLOGY: 1930s: probably from Mexican Spanish potiguaya marijuana leaves.