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practice noun 1 the process of carrying something out • put ideas into practice. 2 a habit, activity, procedure or custom • Don't make a practice of it! 3 repeated exercise to improve technique in an art or sport, etc. 4 the business or clientele of a doctor, dentist, lawyer, etc. be in or out of practice to have maintained, or failed to maintain, one's skill in an art or sport, etc.
ETYMOLOGY: 16c: from practise.

practice, practise

In British English, practice is the spelling of the noun, and practise the verb. American English uses practice for both.

practise or (US) practice verb (practised, practising) 1 tr & intr to do exercises repeatedly in (an art or sport, etc) so as to improve one's performance. 2 to make a habit of something • practise self-control. 3 to go in for something as a custom • tribes that practise bigamy. 4 to work at or follow (an art or profession, especially medicine or law). 5 to perform (a wrongful act) against someone • He practised a cruel deception on them.
ETYMOLOGY: 15c: from Latin practicare, from Greek praktikos practical work.