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protest verb (protested, protesting) 1 intrans to express an objection, disapproval, opposition or disagreement. 2 N Amer, especially US to challenge or object to (eg a decision or measure). 3 to declare something solemnly, eg in response to an accusation • protest one's innocence. 4 law to obtain or write a protest with reference to (a bill). noun 1 a declaration of disapproval or dissent; an objection. 2 a an organized public demonstration of disapproval; b as adja protest march. 3 law a written statement that a bill has been presented and payment refused. 4 the act of protesting. protester or protestor noun. protestingly adverb. under protest reluctantly; unwillingly.
ETYMOLOGY: 14c: from French protester, from Latin protestari, protestatus to declare formally.