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represent verb (represented, representing) 1 a to serve as a symbol or sign for something • letters represent sounds; b to stand for something or correspond to it • A thesis represents years of hard work. 2 to speak or act on behalf of (someone else). 3 a to be a good example of something; b to typify something • What he said represents the feelings of many people. 4 to present an image of or portray someone or something, especially through painting or sculpture. 5 to bring someone or something clearly to mind • a film that represents all the horrors of war. 6 to describe in a specified way; to attribute a specified character or quality to (someone, something, oneself, etc) • represented themselves as experts. 7 to show, state or explain • represent the difficulties forcibly to the committee. 8 to be an elected member of Parliament for (a constituency). 9 to act out or play the part of someone or something on stage. representable adj. representability noun.
ETYMOLOGY: 14c: from Latin repraesentare to exhibit, from praesentare to present.

re-present verb to present something again • Re-present the report on Monday when you've worked on it some more.