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S1 or s noun (Ss, S's or s's) 1 the nineteenth letter of the English alphabet. 2 a consonant, usually pronounced as a voiceless sibilant (as in sip), but often voiced (as in prise). 3 anything shaped like an S.

S2 abbreviation 1 Sabbath. 2 Saint. 3 schilling (Austrian currency). 4 Siemens. 5 Society. 6 South. 7 IVR Sweden.

S3 symbol, chem sulphur.

S4 or s abbreviation, music soprano.

s abbreviation 1 a second or seconds of time. 2 formerly in the UK: a shilling or shillings. Compare d.
ETYMOLOGY: From Latin solidus.

's1 suffix 1 a word-forming element used to form the possessive • John'sthe children's. 2 a word-forming element used to form the plural of numbers and symbols • 3's, X's.

's2 abbreviation 1 the shortened form of is, as in he's not here. 2 the shortened form of has, as in she's taken it. 3 the shortened form of us, as in let's go.

-s1 and -es suffix forming the plural of nouns • dogschurches.

-s2 and -es suffix forming the third person singular of the present tense of verbs • walksmisses.