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smoke noun 1 a visible cloud given off by a burning substance, and consisting of tiny particles of carbon dispersed in a gas or a mixture of gases, eg air. 2 visible fumes or vapours. 3 a cloud or column of fumes. 4 colloq the act or process of smoking tobacco • Got time for a smoke? 5 colloq something that can be smoked, such as a cigarette or cigar. 6 (the Smoke) see the Big Smoke. verb (smoked, smoking) 1 intrans to give off smoke, visible fumes or vapours. 2 tr & intr to inhale and then exhale the smoke from burning tobacco or other substances in a cigarette, cigar, pipe, etc. 3 tr & intr to do this frequently, especially as a habit that is hard to break. 4 to cause oneself to be in a specific state by smoking. 5 to send or release smoke (especially in the wrong direction) • Oil lamps have a tendency to smoke. 6 to preserve or flavour food by exposing it to smoke. 7 to fumigate or sterilize. 8 to blacken or taint by smoke. 9 to dry with smoke. smokable adj fit or able to be smoked. go up in smoke 1 to be completely destroyed by fire. 2 colloq said of plans, etc: to be ruined completely; to come to nothing.
ETYMOLOGY: Anglo-Saxon smoca.

smoke someone or something out to uncover them or it by persistent searching or investigation.

smoke something out to drive (an animal) out into the open by filling its burrow with smoke.