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sorry adj (sorrier, sorriest) 1 distressed or full of regret or shame, especially over something that one has done or said, something one feels responsible for, something that has happened, etc • I'm sorry if I hurt youI'm sorry that you've had to wait. 2 (usually sorry for someone) full of pity or sympathy • Everyone felt sorry for him when she left him. 3 pitifully bad • in a sorry state. 4 contemptibly bad; worthless; extremely poor • a sorry excuse. exclamation 1 given as an apology. 2 used when asking for something that has just been said to be repeated • Sorry? What was that you said? sorrily adverb. sorriness noun. sorryish adj. be or feel, etc sorry for oneself to indulge in self-pity, especially in an excessive way.
ETYMOLOGY: Anglo-Saxon sarig wounded, from sar sore.