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sport noun 1 a an activity, pastime, competition, etc that usually involves a degree of physical exertion, eg football, tennis, squash, swimming, boxing, snooker, etc and which people take part in for exercise and/or pleasure; b such activities collectively • enjoys watching sport on TV. See also sports. 2 good-humoured fun • It was just meant to be a bit of sport. 3 colloq a someone who is thought of as being fair-minded, generous, easy-going, etc • Be a sport and lend me your car; b someone who behaves in a specified way, especially with regard to winning or losing • Even when he loses, he's a good sport; c Austral, NZ a form of address that is especially used between men • How's it going, sport? d US someone, especially a man, who dresses in a flashy way, likes to live well, spend lots of money and generally show off. 4 literary someone or something that is manipulated or controlled by outside influences; a plaything • was but the sport of the gods. 5 biol an animal or, more usually, a plant that displays abnormal characteristics as a result of a mutation or that is strikingly different from the parent. 6 slang pleasure or success that is derived from hunting, shooting, fishing, etc • bagged six grouse and had a good day's sport. verb (sported, sporting) 1 to wear or display, especially proudly • She sported a small tattoo. 2 biol to vary from, or produce a variation from, the parent stock. make sport of someone or something old use to make fun of or ridicule them or it.
ETYMOLOGY: 15c: a shortened form of disport.

sporting adj 1 belonging, referring or relating to sport • Gun dogs are classed as sporting dogs. 2 said of someone, their behaviour, attitude, nature, etc: characterized by fairness, generosity, etc • It was sporting of him to lend me the car. 3 keen or willing to gamble or take a risk • I'm not a sporting man, but I like a bet on the Grand National. sportingly adverb.

sporting chance noun (usually a sporting chance) a reasonable possibility of success.

sportive adj playful. sportively adverb. sportiveness noun.

sports singular noun 1 Brit in schools and colleges: a day or afternoon that each year is dedicated to competitive sport, especially athletics • Parents may attend the school sports. 2 as adj belonging, referring or relating to sport • sports pavilion. 3 as adj used in or suitable for sport • sports holdall. 4 as adj casual • sports jacket.

sports car noun a small fast car, usually a two-seater, often with a low-slung body which has a roof that can be removed or folded back, and which has particularly quick acceleration.

sports ground noun an area of land that is used for outdoor sport, often one that has changing rooms, facilities for spectators, refreshment stands, etc.

sports jacket noun a man's jacket, often one made from tweed, that is meant for casual wear. Also called N Amer, Austral & NZ sports coat.

sportsman noun 1 a male sportsperson. 2 someone who plays fair, sticks to the rules and accepts defeat without any rancour or bitterness. sportsmanship noun.

sportsmanlike adj said of someone, their behaviour, attitude, etc: characterized by fairness, observation of the rules, generosity in defeat, etc.

sportsperson noun (sportspersons) someone who takes part in sport, especially at a professional level.

sportswear noun clothes that are designed for or suitable for sport or for wearing casually.

sportswoman noun a female sportsperson.

sporty adj (sportier, sportiest) 1 said of someone: habitually taking part in sport, or being especially fond of, good at, etc sport. 2 said of clothes: casual; suitable for wearing when playing a sport • She looked so cute in her sporty little beret. 3 said of a car: looking, performing or handling like a sports car. sportily adj. sportiness noun.