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sub colloq noun 1 a submarine. 2 a substitute player. 3 a small loan; an advance payment, eg from someone's wages to help them subsist. 4 a subeditor. 5 (usually subs) a subscription fee. 6 a subaltern. verb (subbed, subbing) 1 intrans to act as a substitute. 2 tr & intr to subedit or work as a subeditor. 3 to lend (especially a small amount of money) • Can you sub me a quid till tomorrow?

sub- prefix, meaning: 1 under or below • subaqua. 2 secondary; lower in rank or importance • sublieutenant. 3 only slightly; imperfectly; less than • subhuman. 4 a part or division of the specified thing • subcommittee. See also sur-2.
ETYMOLOGY: Latin, meaning 'under' or 'near'.