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think verb (thought , thinking) 1 (often think about something) tr & intr a to have or form ideas in the mind; b to have it as a thought in one's mind. 2 (often think of someone or something) tr & intr to consider, judge or believe them or it • I thought you were kidding!They think of themselves as great singers. 3 (often think of or about something) tr & intr to intend or plan it; to form an idea of it • think about going to Londoncouldn't think of being so unkindthink no harm. 4 (often think of something) tr & intr to imagine, expect or suspect it • I didn't think there would be any trouble. 5 (usually think of someone or something) to keep them or it in one's mind; to consider them or it • think of the children first. 6 (usually think of something or to do something) tr & intr a to remember it • couldn't think of his name; b to consider it • I didn't think to tell her. 7 (often think of something) to form or have an idea about it • think of a plan. 8 to have one's mind full of something. 9 to bring someone or something into a specified condition by thinking • tried to think himself thin. noun, colloq an act of thinking • have a good think. thinker noun someone who thinks, especially deeply and constructively or in a specified way. think better of something or someone 1 to change one's mind about it or them on further thought. 2 to think that they would not be so bad as to do something wrong • I thought better of him than that. think highly, well or badly, etc of someone to have a high, good or bad, etc opinion of them. think little of something or not think much of something to have a very low opinion of it. think twice to hesitate before doing something; to decide in the end not to do it.
ETYMOLOGY: Anglo-Saxon thencan.

think something out 1 to consider or plan it carefully. 2 to solve a problem by thinking about all the aspects of it.

think something over to consider all the advantages and disadvantages of an action or decision, etc; to reflect on it.

think something through to think carefully about all the possible consequences of a plan or idea, etc, especially so as to reach a conclusion as to its wisdom or value.

think something up to invent or devise it.