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treat verb (treated, treating) 1 to deal with or behave towards someone or something in a specified manner • treat it as a joke. 2 to care for or deal with (a person, illness, injury, etc) medically. 3 to put something through a process or apply something to it • treat the wood with creosote. 4 to provide with food, drink, entertainment, a gift, etc at one's own expense • I'll treat you to lunch. 5 tr & intr (often treat of) to deal with or discuss a subject, especially in writing. 6 intrans (usually treat with) to negotiate with another nation, person, etc in order to settle a dispute, end a war, etc. noun 1 a gift, such as an outing, meal, present, etc, that one person gives to another. 2 any source of pleasure or enjoyment, especially when unexpected. treatable adj. treater noun. treating noun. a treat colloq, sometimes ironic very good or well • He looked a treat in his kilt.
ETYMOLOGY: 13c: from French traitier, tretier, from Latin tractare to manage, from trahere, tractum to draw or drag.