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Y1 or y noun (Ys, Y's or y's) 1 the twenty-fifth letter of the English alphabet. 2 anything shaped like the letter Y • Y-junction.

Y2 abbreviation yen.

Y3 symbol 1 chem yttrium. 2 math (usually y) the second of two or three unknown quantities. See also X2, Z3.

the Y noun, colloq 1 the YMCA. 2 the YWCA.
ETYMOLOGY: 20c abbreviation.

-y1 suffix, forming adjectives (-ier, -iest) signifying full of; characterized by; having the quality of; keen on, etc • spottyicyshinyhorsey.
ETYMOLOGY: From Anglo-Saxon -ig.

-y2 or -ey suffix, forming nouns (plural -ies) indicating 1 a diminutive or term of affection • doggydaddy. 2 someone or something with a specified characteristic • fatty.
ETYMOLOGY: Originally Scots, used in familiar forms of names.

-y3 suffix, forming nouns (plural -ies) signifying 1 a quality or state • jealousymodesty. 2 an action • entreatyexpiry.
ETYMOLOGY: From French -ie.